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Dogs at Donyatt offer hydrotherapy sessions both in the pool and also in our water treadmill.  

All treatments are carried out by a qualified hydrotherapist who will work closely with your dog, typically in the water with them, in order to monitor their condition and progress .

We provide showering and towel and / or blow drying after all treatments.

The Pool

We have a large pool, measuring 6m x 2.5m, allowing even large dogs to swim freely.

The top of the pool is only slightly above floor level allowing dogs to enter easily via a shallow gradient, non-slip ramp which avoids the use of lifts or hoists. The pool is heated to 29°C and water quality is monitored throughout the day.  The pool is fitted with a contra-flow jet which can be used to provide additional resistance if required.

The Water Treadmill

The water treadmill provides state of the art technology for rehabilitation of some canine orthopaedic and spinal conditions.  The speed, water level and session duration can all be altered to change the level of resistance and buoyancy provided in order to meet the needs of each individual dog.  

The treadmill we use has glass on all four sides, enabling the hydrotherapist to assess the dog's gait from all angles, and has opening doors at both ends, allowing dogs to enter and exit without the need to turn around inside the treadmill.

Learn to swim and fun swim sessions

We offer learn to swim sessions for inexperienced swimmers of any age, these are a great way to get your dog confident in the water, our aim is to make swimming a positive experience for your dog .  We also offer fun swim sessions for more experienced swimmers. These sessions are charged at our normal rate.

Canine Hydrotherapy is a service provided by Dogs at Donyatt based in in Somerset

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