Dogs at Donyatt
Canine Hydrotherapy
Donyatt, Ilminster
Somerset  TA19 0RG

T: O146O 55151
E: Enquiry@DogsatDonyatt.co.uk

UPDATE:  Thank you for visiting our website.  Unfortunately we are not currently taking on new clients

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We require veterinary consent before treating any dog, see below for details.

Pet Insurance

Many pet insurance policieIs cover the cost of canine hydrotherapy treatment.  

As a member of the National Association of Canine Hydrotherapists, treatment provided by Dogs at Donyatt should be covered by such policies, however, please check directly with your insurer.  

Opening Times

We are open from Tuesday lunchtime to Saturday lunchtime inclusive and offer both daytime and evening appointments to cater for the needs of all clients.

Pool & Treadmill

Treatment sessions

Sessions typically last approximately 30 - 40 minutes, with a maximum of 20 minutes in the pool, however, sessions are always tailored to the ability of the individual dog and the condition being treated and it is possible that during initial sessions your dog may spend a shorter period in the water.

Veterinary Consent/Referral

Dogs at Donyatt require veterinary consent / referral before commencing treatment for any dog (even if they are coming for fun or general fitness), this provides us with information regarding your dog's medical history and confirms that they are medically fit for hydrotherapy treatment.

If your vet has not suggested hydrotherapy you can still ask them if they would be happy to give consent  for your dog to receive treatment.  The majority of vets are supportive of hydrotherapy provided it is appropriate in the circumstances.  

Our consent form and Terms and Conditions can be downloaded using the link below.  Please complete the sections headed Owner's Details and Dog's Details and sign at the bottom, then pass to your referring vet to allow them to complete the remaining sections and sign the form. Please ask your vet to email, fax or post the completed form back to us here at Dogs at Donyatt - Canine Hydrotherapy in Somerset.

Please ring or email for available appointments