Dogs at Donyatt
Canine Hydrotherapy
Donyatt, Ilminster
Somerset  TA19 0RG

T: O146O 55151
E: Enquiry@DogsatDonyatt.co.uk

Dogs at Donyatt is an established, purpose built, canine hydrotherapy facility in Donyatt Somerset devoted to canine rehabilitation, health and fitness. Our aim is to improve or maintain your pet's quality of life through our experience and the use of our hydrotherapy pool and water treadmill.

The centre is run by Dr Fiona Williams, an experienced hydrotherapist with a PHD in Animal Science, and all treatments are carried out by one of our Registered Canine Hydrotherapists.  We opened in 2014, although prior to this Fiona had already gained extensive experience in canine hydrotherapy having qualified in 2011 and subsequently working at centres in the East Midlands and the South West, during which time she treated numerous dogs with a variety of conditions.

We have three registered canine hydrotherapists and have a minimum of two members of staff available during all treatments. We are members of the National Association of Registered Canine Hydrotherapists (NARCH) which is your assurance that we maintain an extremely  high quality, professional service at all times and that we comply with strict training and pool maintenance requirements (www.narch.org.uk).

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